Barielle – Falling Star

Today I have another lovely Barielle for you, this one courtesy of Blue Collar, Red Lipstick.

Since I last mentioned them, it would appear that they have now sorted out their website and are now readily available to us girls in the UK. Plus, they were having some sort of Easter related sale 50% off!!! UPDATE – website is non functional again, some sort of holding page šŸ˜¦

Falling Star is a crayola blue with copper glitter embedded within it. I must admit before applying it I was worried it might not look as good as in the bottle. But worry not. The glitter comes out and is obvious on the nail. Formula was good, two medium coats is adequate, but I did three. Drying time was also good but it does dry a bit bumpy so a good top coat is essential. A small bit of pain to get off, but I think its totally worth the payoff.

In the sun it looks amazing, really unusual. I have nothing else like it. I suppose the closest other colour would be one of the Winter Dior colours, not Tuxedo, the other one. Anyway, what do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Barielle – Falling Star

  1. Looks gorgeous on you!! Trying layering Elle’s Spell over it, I loved how it looked.

    I didn’t know about the website working again, so …. SPOILER ALERT … you have another Barielle on its way to you :O


    • Yay! I love you my Polish Twin. I shall look forward to that. I checked the website, seems its non functional again. Wonder what happened there.


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