Spotted! Sally Hansen Runway Collection, Bourjois Spring 2015, M&S Jelly Bean Polishes

A few new items for your viewing pleasure today!  First up, the Runway Collection for Spring 2015 from Sally Hansen. £6.99 each.  Then some new polishes in the Bourjois stands. The new shade are also creeping into the large freestanding stands.  Still not seen the new cuticle oil pot, but when I do, you’ll know about it.  Finally for today, new Jelly Bean polishes at M&S, five shades in the range assuming the finish is waxy-ish, like jelly beans.     Yes, three pink/red shades, a blue and a yellow.  I didn’t see the price point, but I’d guess around £4.  Not on the M&S website at the time of writing this post.

So there we go, a few new things.  Let me know what has caught your eye in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Spotted! Sally Hansen Runway Collection, Bourjois Spring 2015, M&S Jelly Bean Polishes

  1. I like the look of the Jelly Bean ones! Might have a look after work one day in M&S and see if they have them


    • Plan! Let me know if you get any – interested to know what they look like on the nail and if they are similar to the ones popping up in the US at the moment


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