KOH – Blue Universe

I’ve got one of the polishes off my wish list to share with you all today.  I picked this up when I was in Europe and I’ve been sat on it for ages.  Typical huh?  You get something you have wanted for AGES and when you get it, it drops down your list of polishes to wear.

Anyway, I give you Blue Universe from KOH.

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Blue Universe is a demin blue polish base with a red tinged flakie throughout.  Its really unusual and unlike anything else I have in my collection. Formula was a bit on the thin side, and what you see above is four thin coats, but it does build up the interest well.  It catches the light well.  Brush is typical really, its flat and there is no curvature to it.

Picking this up from the KOH experience store was a bit of an experience in itself.  You pick your polish and they walk you over to the counter.  Then they place your new polish in a lovely little polish box to keep it all safe.  Mine was black with some satin detail.  Lovely, but hard to store with all your other polishes, it does set it aside from others in the stash.  From what I recall I paid €14 or thereabouts.

I know this is on a LOT of other wishlists, is it on yours??

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4 thoughts on “KOH – Blue Universe

  1. I saw this in my feed and my jaw dropped! lol So glad you were able to get your hands on it. Now I just need to do the same because it looks awesome.


  2. Oh my! I just jotted this down in my mental wishlist! What a pretty polish! ❤


  3. Flakie goodness!!! Ha! I need!


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