Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons – Chic Chartreuse

I really really wasn’t going to buy the Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons collection – I mean what do I want with pinks??? Or pasteley neons for that matter.  But there they sat on the shelves, taunting me and then fellow bloggers started posting awesome swatches and I was hooked.  Had to have them.  In fact I got all four in one of those BOGOFF sales in my local Boots.  But anyway, I digress….. this is Chic Chartreuse.

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Ahhh just look at it!  So pretty on the nail, unlike in the bottle when its a bit *meh*

Formula was OK, it is a bit streaky, but this is two coats applied carefully.  When I looked closely I could see the odd dragging/bald spot, but seriously I can live with that.  Drying time was on the quick side and these do try a bit matted.  So I used some G&G HG Girl to top coat that to a glossy shine.  Underneath I’ve been using Essence Anti Nail Split Sealer as my base and it does seem to be reducing the incidence of nail peeling and splitting.  I may even get them a bit longer!

I have still seen these about, about they are limited edition, so if you want them, strike now.  There are four in the collection and I have worn them all (yes even the pink) and I do also think that they would make a nice base for some nail art or stamping too.

Do you have this?  Or did you give them a miss?  Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons – Chic Chartreuse

  1. I thought I’d buy them on holiday in Germany as they are a steal here for 2 Euros (about £1.60) but not surprisingly they seem to be sold out everywhere. I can’t understand the British price tag at all – especially for a small bottle. I will stick to my Models Own Polish for Tans…


    • Ooohhh that is a good price. They have some Europe only editions too in Germany for instance the acid wash range has a dark blue one and the crystallize range had an additional colour in it too

      Hope you had a good trip and thanks for your comment 😃


  2. We got seven colors in this collection and I bought them all because I have no self-control sometimes. 🙂 One of the few I’ve actually gotten onto my nails is Lime Accent, which looks to be our match for Chic Chartreuse.


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