KBShimmer -Showgirl

Today I have my second recent KBShimmer purchase to show you and I hope you will think that this is just as lovely as the last one.  This is Showgirl, a gorgeous black based polish packed with glitter in pinks, purples and silver in all sort of shapes.  I think I am developing a bit of a thing for coloured polishes and glitters… and with the quality of these I can recommend them enough!

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As you can see above it is just simply gorgeous.  Colour builds up exceptionally well and is opaque within two coats.  A couple of the nails needs three coats, so what you see above is three coats on all nails.  If you were a bit heavier handed you could probably get away with it.  The glitter coverage is wonderfully even, it truly does come out of the bottle without you having to chase any glitter pieces.  It does dry ever so slightly bumpy, well it does have glitter in it…. and you can sort that with a good top coat.  I used Essie All-in-One Base Coat and use Seche Vite for that shiny top finish.

You can order from the website (US Only), order from the etsy site (US only) or order from Harlow&Co (International).  I ordered from Harlow&Co and was delighted with the speedy shipping. I now have my eye on a couple from the Fall collection, wow, am just smitten with these lovelies.