Milani – Flash Light

I’m quite into these Milani polishes, the formula on them is great, they provide good coverage and they have a fab range of colours.  Sadly, they only ship the US and Canada.  However, they are readily available in blog sales and through swapping with other polish pals.  I did the latter.

As well as having a black polish fixation, I am obsessed with orange polish.  Shiny, matte, creme, glitter – I have no preference as I love them all.  Flash Light is a deep orange with a coral leaning.  It has a very faint pink (or maybe lavender) shimmer that is evident amongst the glass fleck.  Its a fab colour, really intense.

It will need three coats to ensure coverage of the VNL.  However it dries pretty fast so there is no time issue with this taking longer than usual.  It has a pretty good shine and colour but a good top coat, here is Seche Vite on the top, provides a good shine and really makes it POP!

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As the colour was building up, I was thinking this looks familiar.  So in the images I did a quick comparison with the other oranges I had to hand.  I’ve compared it with Wet N Wild 9. 0. 2. 1. Orange and China Glaze Riveting.  The difference between the CG and the Milani is apparent in person and in the image with the flash. Its not as in your face as the CG but not a true dupe.  I shall be keeping them both.


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