Sinful Colors – Lying Nails

I recently undertook another swap with a US based polish lover from one of my Facebook groups.  We agreed an amount and then went for it (within agreed polish loves and hates), I got several new Sinful Colors Nail Polishes, here are the couple I have already posted.  If you have never seen these before, they tend to retail in the US for about $2, every so often, there is a half price sale and all of the are $0.99.  They do some great colours and some of them are dupes for polishes that are no longer available.

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The formula on this was amazing, this is two coats and I seriously almost left it at one.  It was flawless.  Rich, not too runny, and as you can see above, a wonderful rich red.  The pictures seriously do not do it justice – the colour is very rich and has a slight depth of shimmer to it.  I used Seche Retain as my base and my Hong Kong Girl Top Coat.

I’ll let you into a little secret, this is three days later, because I completely forgot to take any pictures.  You can see a little bit of tip wear but actually I am quite impressed.  I know not all SC polishes are like this, so some are winners and some just aren’t.

I have seen the odd SC polish pop up in market stalls and cheap polish resellers in the UK, usually some of the older lines and certainly not the more popular shades.

Do you have any SC that you would recommend?

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12 thoughts on “Sinful Colors – Lying Nails

  1. Nice! I have a few SC… Frenzy, Cinderella, San Francisco, Neptune… 🙂


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  4. I’ve seen SC at my local market. Unfortunately I think they’ve had the same colours for the past six months. Possibly even those exact same bottles!


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  6. I have one, Envy, but that’s it so far. Ought to get it swatched and assessed…


  7. poundland had some in recently too 🙂


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